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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Rest of Us?


In today’s society where the notion of existing and surviving a whole day without touching a digital gadget or gizmo is perceived as mind-boggling and inconceivable, I believe it is crucial for everyone (young and old) to have a fundamental understanding of the concepts of social media and the gadgets that control and eat up most of our time at work and at home.

Here’s a simplified rundown on how the concepts of the things that keep us “busy” day in, and day out, as defined by Dave Morin, CEO of Path. “Friendster was friending. Myspace was friending your favorite bands. Facebook was friending your college friends (and then the world). LinkedIn was friending your professional network. NextDoor was friending your neighbors. Twitter was blogging 140 character posts. Tumblr was blogging with 5 different types of posts.Yammer was blogging short posts to your co-workers. Instagram was sharing photos with beautiful filters. Path was sharing photos with up to 150 people. Snapchat was sharing photos that explode after 10 seconds. Mac was a personal computer with a graphical interface enabling graphical apps. iPod was an MP3 player with a click-wheel interface enabling 1000’s of songs. iPhone was a smartphone with a multi-touch interface enabling multi-touch apps.Tesla was a car with an electric engine (and now a multi-touch interface).”

So before you hit like, post a comment, update your status, fiddle, touch, flick, key in or swipe back into your social and digital world, you at least now know what’s keeping you busy.

Walter Santos Navarro

The Average Joe

Deciphering Time and Space


Last night, I learned that Jesus Christ was born merely 4 seconds ago. At least that’s what National Geographic told me.

I’ve always been an ardent fan of historical, geo-political and scientific documentaries on television as far as I can remember. Whenever literature, a film or a television show captures my interest, I will (with great certainty) get my hands and time to gravitate around it and the much anticipated initial telecast of the American Science series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey was no exception. I’ve always wanted to know more about the big behind the bang.

As expected, this highly publicised television series with no less than Seth MacFarlane as one its executive producers started in splendid fashion in terms of compelling narration, attention grabbing special effects and sensory excitement.

Hosted by renowned American astrophysicist Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, the initial episode of this 13-part series provided an abbreviated, yet highly informative introduction into the history of the universe as we know it, and man’s most accurate place in the space and time continuum.

The first episode which aired this month (March) parlayed a groundbreaking depiction of what is known as a ‘cosmic calendar’ using the latest CGI and 4D television technology.

According to Dr Tyson, the universe, which is 13 ½ billion years old may be mapped out in one entire calendar year with each day equivalent to 40 million years. Given this seemingly unimaginable scale I gained an entirely new perspective about time. I learned that January 1st is the day when the universe came about or the day when the Biggest Bang in history occurred. March 15 is the day when our galaxy, the Milky Way was born while our sun came much later on August 21st (4 ½ billion years ago). December 17 is when creatures began to crawl on Earth and December 28 is when flowers started to bloom in our planet.

As I was tuned in, I was remarkably intrigued by the fact that in spite of the immensity of the universe’s timetable, we humans have barely made our mark and scratched the surface of time. Every single thing that we have accomplished, achieved and lost, only transpired in the last seconds of the cosmic calendar.

With such an insignificant place in the greater scheme of things, I started pondering why we humans are always in such a hurry to do and accomplish things? I think we should all learn to take our time, relax and chill. We keep forgetting that our existence is just a bleep in time and a blink in the cosmic calendar.

By Walter Santos Navarro

The Average Joe

Perseverance Prevails


Working may be perceived as a legalized form of ‘addiction’ that serves as an avenue for many to fulfill both financial and material needs. For average Joe’s like me, working is a platform to achieve professional aspirations and help pay the bills as well.

In today’s highly-competitive corporate landscape, the art of job hunting is surprisingly even tougher in spite of multiple online avenues, portals and social media networks available. Reality is, regardless of whether a person is 20, 40 or 60 he or she will face difficulties when he/she starts casting out the net to land either the first catch or the big one.

The system is established in such a way that it ultimately presents a nasty twist for job hunters regardless of their age and experience. To cite an example, those who just came out of universities with their freshly-minted degrees will surely have their initial reality check in their bid to land their first job with the ‘lack of job experience’ as the main rationale provided by their prospective employers as to why they got rejected over and over and yes, over again.

Meanwhile, those in their mid-30s, 40s, 50s and 60s who aspire for greater leadership roles will also face numerous challenges and experience outright rejections as well for (ironically) having been burdened by too much experience. The term “overqualified” is always an easy and convenient justification.

These realities in man’s pursuit for work may easily quell hopes of the young ones, and dampen the spirit of the ‘young once’ searching for greener pastures. However, there are keys to overcome this debacle and they are as follows:

1. Keep Eyes on the Prize
Staying focus has never been more imperative when one is going through a transitional phase in their career or on their way to their first pay check. It is vital to adopt a salesman mentality wherein the word “No” is but just an alternative version of “Yes but not now” or “Maybe”. The word ‘No’ is a code word for move on and start again.

2. Eat Humble Pies Graciously
Searching and hunting for a job (or a dream job) is never easy especially if you wish to make it on your own. Prepare yourself as doors of opportunities will be slammed on your face time and time again. Maintain a gracious spirit and keep knocking until the right one opens. When life serves us a hefty serving of humble pie, adopt a pugilistic mentality. Be your own Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini or Leila Ali. The equation is simple – you got knocked down twice, get up thrice. Learn to fight your way through each round until you land that dream job of yours.

3. The Hunt Never Stops
Job hunting at any stage of one’s career is like being a tribute in the Hunger Games sans the violence. The hunt never stops until such time as you’re the only one left standing and all your rivals (disappointments) are “slain”. Adopting a Katniss Everdeen or a Peeta Mellark mentality does help as it keeps you on your toes and always on the look-out for challenges and opportunities. Study your opponents and understand the topography of each employment landscape. Always arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools before heading for battles (interviews). Remember what Proximo told Maximus in Gladiator before he headed for Rome ——- “Win the Crowd (employer) and you’ll win your freedom.”

4. Network Like There’s No Tomorrow
Landing a job should ideally be just about you, your talent, your experience, your character and your suitability for the role. Unfortunately, the stark reality is -most opportunities these days are landed by those in the know, those with the connection, those who are within the boundaries of the right network. Job hunters must learn to engage, connect and sell their talents to people who will help you land your dream job. One needs to adopt a News Reporter mentality and have the nose for what’s happening on the ground and around the grid. Making one’s presence felt both in the social and professional media spheres is highly crucial. Developing a proper LinkedIn profile is always a good start.

Do you have any tips for job hunters out there? Please share them and let’s help those seeking to further their professional growth.

By Walter Santos Navarro
The Average Joe

Whatever Rocks Your Boat…….Just Do It

I’m currently grounded but I’ll bounce back. And when I do, all my sneakers will tremble in fear.


Sports shoes and apparel giants Nike and Adidas develop their innovative products for two kinds of people. The athletes who use them for optimum performance and sporting excellence, and the non-athletes like most of us, who use them, thinking and aspiring that we ourselves can somehow become uber-cool super athletes the moment we lace up.

I am big fan of sports shoes and I had my fair share of Air Jordans and even an original pair of Adidas Top Ten basketball shoes when it first came out almost 3 decades ago. Ironically, in spite of the abundance of products that promote mobility, humans are becoming lesser and lesser mobile. As work demands grow wider, our bodies’ mobility slows down as well. We hardly detach ourselves from work these days. When we are physically out-of-our work space, we either spend countless hours in front of our favourite gadgets, either immersing ourselves…

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(Random Ramblings Written Over a Chicken & Rice Lunch – 26 June 2013)

The Walker turned 41 in a time when PSI hits 401, although we didn’t have the full 411, he urges all to move on and follow the sun. June is when basketball’s own King got his second ring, adding to his collection of majestic blings. It is when the son of Krypton soars and flies, and when Mandela continues to inspire and defy.

June is when the “Walker” walks away to fortify, with his head held high, uttering nothing but thank you to FRHI. Although this dude will move on, he will always be grateful, because his life is both soulful and fateful. He’ll waste no haste regardless of any threat of haze. He will refuse to be dazed, because he knows we were all borne to amaze.

He may not be the “illest”, but he lives his life to the fullest. Shed no tear, conquer each fear, for the air we breathe will soon clear as the mist fully disappear. Come July, there will be a subtle goodbye, but he reckons no profound reason to justify a cry. His name may not be Halley, but like a comet, he will eventually pass by.

He will wrap up June, flexing his muscles, preparing for a flight with neither gloom nor doom in sight. Can you blame him? He just witnessed a Super Moon the other night. For now, the Walker says adieu as he heads to the blue bayou. Although he’s not from Down Under, listen to him when he says….. “Here comes the Thunder!!!”


As I enter a new phase in my career, i positively and enthusiastically look forward to amazing months and years ahead. Thank you FRHI!!’

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